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The International Bear Brotherhood Flag was designed in 1995 by Craig Byrnes, representing the brotherhood of bears, as in the slang term for gay, (bear). The colours of the flag denote the various colours of male hair, as the growth of hair such as chest or facial, is considered a “bear” trait. Bear is a subculture in the Gay Community.

“What is a bear?” Bears are fun. What makes it fun is that it is inclusive and bears feel comfortable to be themselves in a bear environment.

Bear - a hairy man with a stocky or heavyset build and facial hair. Can be clean shaven and of any age.

Cub - a younger (or younger looking) version of a Bear, typically but not always with a smaller frame. The term is sometimes used to imply the passive partner in a relationship. Can be hairy or hairless.

Daddy bear - is an older guy sometimes looking for a daddy/son relationship with either a younger Bear, Cub, Otter, Wolf or Chaser.

Muscle bear - a muscular version of a Bear. A muscle cub is a younger or smaller, yet muscular, version. Can be hairy or hairless and of any age.

Otter - a man who is hairy, but is not large or stocky - typically thinner, or with lean muscle. Slimmer version of a Bear with little pockets of fat like love handles or a tiny gut, but not as lean as a Wolf.

Panda bear - a bear of Asian ethnicity. A panda cub is younger version. Usually hairless.

Metrobears - Bears who likes to be stylish - wear suits , ties and formals instead of jeans.

Polar bear - a silver- or white-haired Bear.

Wolf - A lean, masculine gay man who is attracted to bears and involved in the bear scene.

Admirer - who admires bears

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