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Shipping - Within Australia


Only your delivery address and the from address
"PO Box 132 Erskineville Sydney NSW 2043 Australia" is on the package.

All orders are dispatched within 24 hours
after clearance of your payment.

Shipping - Within Australia
The shipping charge for your order is calculated
on the size and weight of the products and packaging.
The minimum shipping charge within Australia is
AUD$5.25 and this includes a AUD$1.00
* Service Charge.

*The Service Charge of AUD$1.00 is to cover our business
costs and listed below are a small selection of these costs.
We do appreciate your understanding.

  • Import shipping and customs fees on the products we order from suppliers.

  • Warehousing and Insurance costs to store your products.

  • Electricity, Water, Gas and Telephone charges.

  • Staff salaries for both Full Time and Casual Employees.

  • Packaging eg: cardboard, bubble wrap, sticky tape, envelopes, tax invoice.

  • Our time and petrol cost to deliver your order to the Post Office.

  • Our computers, software, servers, hard drives, printers, paper and ink costs.

  • Off site fees to secure your personal information such as name and payment details.

  • Follow up newsletters on new products and discounts throughout the year.

  • Our costs for travel, stall hire and accommodation to attend GLBT Fair Days.

  • Bank fees, Secure Credit Card Transaction charges, Merchant commissions.

  • Website hosting, management and design fees.

  • And there are many more costs we incur to be able to supply you with your products.

    We hope this gives you an insight on shipping costs
    so please don't complain about our shipping fees.